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Tesco Diets Review

Tesco Diets Personalised Diet Plan

What was Tesco eDiets is now simply Tesco Diets – a slight bit of rebranding but otherwise an unchanged product.

The message is now “Online Healthy Eating Club” – rather than a weight loss plan or diet program.

Tesco Diets is one of the better weight loss or diet solutions in an industry that is plagued by over hype and over expectation.

Lose 10lbs in 5 weeks – at a rate of 2lbs per week is about right and achievable.

What Is Tesco Diets

Very similar to the hundreds of other weight loss programs where a three pronged approach to weight loss recommended.

  • A personalised weekly meal plan that is tailored and bespoke
  • A slimming mentor to to provide advice and motivation
  • Ongoing support from the Tesco Diets team and the member community

The difference being is that the menus are not based around requiring you to buy only the recommended produce ala Jenny Craig – obviously Tesco would prefer you to buy their produce, but it is not a prerequisite.

Tesco Diet Plans

Tesco produce a range of popular diet plans including the Gi Diet, the Mediterranean diet and Light choices. More diet plans from Tesco here

Customer Comments For Tesco Diets

With a proud reputation to uphold Tesco is winning more friends than enemies. Here are just some of the consumer comments taken from unbiased sources.

“As a dieter who has tried anything and everything over the years. I have found the Tesco Diet support and meal plans fantastic and easy to use. I would certainly recommend the service to a friend.”

Read more Tesco Diets Success Stories

“Tesco Diets have a variety of options. They are very supportive and always respond to your questions. It is very useful to have access their website and to log on. Overall I say it is FANTASTIC and the BEST diet website I have so far used.”

On the negative side the free trial introductory offer has now ceased but Tesco Diets still offer great value at £1.50 per week … and you get triple club card points.

Is Tesco Diets Recommended

Probably the best diet program (not to mention the cheapest) available to the UK. The nearest competitor would be Gillian McKeiths Boot Camp – although Ms McKeith has somewhat jumped on the corporate gravy train as of late.

How To Join Tesco Diets

From the official Tesco Diets website – click to join Tesco Diets

Join Tesco Diets

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