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Diet Plan Reviews

Weight Watchers Online Review

Weight watchers Online review does it work, is it any good, what are the positive sand negatives, Is it better than going to Weight Watchers meetings

Dukan Diet UK

Dukan Diet Does It Work The Dukan Diet has been highlighted in the British press recently and being talked about on breakfast time TV the hotbed of gossip surrounding latest and fad diets. The Dukan Diet is also known as the French Diet It is the invention of French nutritionist Pierre Dukan and is created on […]

Tesco Diet Plan Weight Loss Guarantee


Tesco Diets lose a stone in 8 weeks or get a refund. How much does the Tesco Diet cost and is it any good.

Buy TrimSecrets Diet Tablets


TrimSecrets Double Strength diet tablets where to buy, do they work and side effects. Alternative diet tablets.

Duromine Weight Loss Pills Review

duromine diet tablets

Does Duromine cause side effects. Duromine is the Phentermine based appetite suppressant that works like speed. Where to buy Duromine Phentermine slimming pills.

Maple Syrup Diet And Beyonce


Maple Syrup was part of Beyonce’s strict detox, cleanse and fast regime – not that Beyonce needed to lose much weight.

Alli Diet Plan – Available At Boots


The Alli Diet Plan book is available to buy at Boots in paperback format. Is it really worth following and it is worth the money.

Reverse Diet Plan

Reverse the order of your meals with Tricia Cunningham’s Reverse Diet Plan. Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper.

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  • Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

    Jenny Craig weight loss program review. Is the Jenny Craig diet plan worth the money and does it work.

    The 3 Day Diet

    The 3 Day Diet was popular and widely used in the mid to late eighties. Classed a fad diet, the 3 Day Diet causes more problems than it solves.

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  • Tesco Diets Review

    Reviews of Tesco Diets. The weight loss and diet program from Tesco that includes the Gi and Mediterranean diets

    Proactol Weight Loss Pills

    Proactol is one the best best fat binders available to buy. Review of Proactol fat binder weight loss pills. Where to Buy Proactol UK