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Dukan Diet UK

Dukan Diet Does It Work

The Dukan Diet has been highlighted in the British press recently and being talked about on breakfast time TV the hotbed of gossip surrounding latest and fad diets.

The Dukan Diet is also known as the French Diet

It is the invention of French nutritionist Pierre Dukan and is created on the principle of a very strict diet regime that has the ideology of taking on more protein while cutting back  on carb and fat rich foods.

The Dukan Diet and The Atkins Diet are very similar in so much both are based on principle of making the body attack and diminish its own fat reserves.

So What is The Dukan Diet

Essentially a diet plan that brings into play key phases along the diet timeline.

For example Phase 1 is to only eat protein rich foods and drink only water – effectively cutting out any unnecessary calorific intake.

There are 3 other steps in the diet plan that basically keep repeating the same message – Lower your fat and carb intake.

Where To Buy Dukan Diet UK

There is a book available stocked in most high street book stores

We could go into greater depth explaining the diet principles and how they work- but it is actually explained far better within the review of a recent product called Decarb.

Decarb is a natural carb blocker that can stop the absorption of over 60% of your carbohydrate intake.

Read More about DeCarb


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