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Anaca3 Review

Anaca3Anaca3 Weight Loss is a slimming pill produced in France by Nutravalia. The company also manufactures a number of other leading European weight management supplements and is generally considered to be a company that is at the top of its game.

The fact that Nutravalia has resisted the urge to try and throw in everything but the kitchen sink, and stick to three powerful ingredients instead, could be seen as an interesting product feature, but the extra support dieters are provided with is more noteworthy.

Anyone who purchases a single bottle of Anaca3 becomes eligible for one month of free coaching from a weight loss expert.

Customers who purchase two or more bottles get access to this important support for an unlimited period of time. The level of after sales service is also excellent. Customers are provided with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it is possible to place a call to Anaca3 customer support staff during normal office hours (9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).

What Are The Benefit To Weight Loss

  • Blocks fat digestion
  • Reduces the calorie intake
  • Helps you to burn fat faster
  • Speeds up weight loss and gets you slim

Ingredients and Blend Viability

Three Anaca3 Weight Loss capsules contain:

  • Nopal Extract (200.1mg): Nopal is an ingredient derived from a species of cactus. It provides important nutrients that can improve the health and its reputation as a hunger suppressant stretches back many hundreds of years. More recently, a research team based in Europe discovered nopal blocks fat digestion. When fat is not digested it cannot release any calories. Bearing in mind the fact that each gram of fat contains nine calories, the fat blocking ability of nopal makes it a very important ally in the fight against obesity.
  • Dry Extract of Cola Nuts (15mg): Although cola nut extracts were formerly used as the main flavour provider in coka-cola, these days it is more commonly used in food supplements. It’s value as a diet pill ingredient comes courtesy of its caffeine content. Caffeine is renowned for its ability to invigorate the body, but it also has value in other areas. Research proves supplementation with caffeine can boost the metabolism and cause the body to burn its fat. It is also an appetite suppressant, so it has a lot to offer in a blend such as this.
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract (500.1mg): Artichoke benefits the health in many ways and its metabolism boosting abilities make it a particularly good ingredient for a formulation such as this.

How to Use Anaca3 Weight Loss

Anaca3 Weight Loss is intended to be used alongside a healthy diet and results can be improved by taking regular exercise.

One capsule is required before breakfast, a second should be taken before lunch, and the third capsule of the day is taken with the evening meal.

Customer Comments

“I’ve never been much good at dieting. I like my food too much. Anaca3 Weight Loss stops the cravings. So it is easy to be good. I lost 6.5kg during weeks 1 to 4 and 24 pounds during weeks 5 to 8. I haven’t had any side effects.”

“I can confirm this diet pill works. I was losing weight slowly by eating right and getting a little extra exercise. Then I began using Anaca3 and I started to lose weight quickly. I made no other changes to my routine or lifestyle, so I am confident the pills were responsible for the change.”

“I used Anaca3 for 3 months and it caused me to lose 30kg. I highly recommend this product to you if you are trying to find an easy way to weight.” 

Side Effects & Health Considerations

Side effects are not likely, but Anaca3 Weight Loss is not intended for children, adolescents, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child. The manufacturer also states the product is unlikely to be a suitable option for anyone who is overly sensitive to caffeine.


The guarantee lasts long enough to allow people to empty their bottles, plus a further 10 days. A bottle of Anaca3 Weight Loss will run dry after 30 days of use, so the guarantee period is 40 days.

The Final Conclusion

Anaca3 Weight Loss is a quality slimming product produced by a respectable company. The ingredients used in the formulation are known to be capable of providing the kind of results the pills are supposed to offer. Better still, customer feedback shows Anaca3 Weight Loss has already helped a lot of people to lose weight.

The pills are also reasonably priced and come with a money back guarantee. The only problem is many people may not be able to buy the pills because they do not live in a county the manufacturer delivers to. Bearing in mind the powerful nature of the product, that’s a great pity. So, if you are fortunate enough to live in the “right country”, it would appear Lady Luck is on your side.

Where to Buy Anaca3

Customers living in France should be able to buy Anaca3 via their local pharmacy, but people living elsewhere in Europe will probably need to purchase a supply of pills via the Anaca3 website. Each bottle is good for 30 days of use and has a price tag of €27.90 (£24).

However, some people who are keen to get their hands on some Anaca3 Weight Loss pills may be disappointed because, at the time of this review, the manufacturer was only shipping to a few European countries, including Ireland, Spain, and Germany.

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