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SmileQuest Tooth Whitening System

SmileQuest Teeth Whitening System Review

Your smile is one of the most important assets. It can signal to others who you are and how you want other people to see you.

A healthy white smile can signal that you are approachable and break the ice when trying to form new relationships.

People with yellow or stained teeth are less likely to show their teeth when smiling for fear or showing their personal neglect and often find forging new relationships difficult.

This brings us to SmileQuest’s Tooth Whitening System – affordable, effective and can give you back your white smile in just 10 minutes.

Why Do Teeth Get Stained

The causes of stained teeth have many possible causes. The most common include genetics, aging, consumption of staining substances (smoking, coffee, tea, colas), tetracycline (antibiotic) staining, excessive fluoride, and old fillings.

“I was very impressed with the results I got from using this product. After a week of using it every day myself and friends noticed how much whiter my teeth had become.”

“Incredibly easy to use and got great results within only two weeks”

– SmileQuest Teeth Whitening System testimonies

Whitening toothpaste can remove stain that is on the outside of the teeth. This is called extrinsic staining, (external staining). However, whitening toothpaste will not change the colour or intrinsic staining, (internal staining), of the teeth. That is why teeth whitening is so popular.

What Is the SmileQuest Tooth Whitening System

A gel form “toothpaste” like substance that is applied using the supplied applicator to the front and lower teeth.

Leave applied for just thirty seconds so that the gel can absorb into the tiny crevasses of your teeth and then rinse off. It is advised to refrain form eating or drinking anything for 30 minutes after application.

How Effective Is Teeth Whitening

This is a common question – does tooth whitening really work. The surface of  a tooth contain millions of microscopic pores and crevasses and over time, organic compounds from food, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and tobacco get stuck into these tiny holes and cause discolouration of the tooth enamel.

Almost all natural teeth respond to the process. However, there are some individuals’ teeth that take longer than others to whiten, such as those with tetracycline antibiotic staining.

Is The SmileQuest System Recommended

You have two main option where teeth whitening is concerned. Either visit your dentist and have dental veneers applied costing a couple of hundred pounds or use a whitening gel such as the SmileQuest System for under £20.

Either way your teeth will get stained again in a few months – dental veneers work out very expensive over a course of a year, tooth whitening gels do not. The results are comparable.

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