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Aloe Vera Capsules

Aloeride Aloe Vera Capsules

Aloe Vera appears to be the health product of the moment. UK health stores are currently over stocked with aloe vera juices, aloe vera creams and gels – a cursory glance at the ingredients of most skin and hair care products will more than likely prove the inclusion of extract of this wonderful plant.

A little know fact surrounding the whole aloe vera furore is that there are many different species of the aloe plant but it is only one – the Barbadensis Miller variety that provides any health benefits to us.

A huge majority of aloe vera products that you will find in major health stores and supermarkets state that the product is made from 100% pure aloe vera – although this statement may be true – it will not necessarily be made from pure Barbadensis Miller!

“Aloe Vera can soothe the body inside and out.

Anyone with skin conditions or digestive complaints should use Aloeride.”

Jan De Vries, Homeopath & Author

Aloeride aloe vera capsules have been described as natures medicine – a completely natural substance that can aid soothe and treat a multitude of conditions ranging from digestive disorders, skin complaints and can even aid weight loss. More about Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

What Is Aloeride

Aloeride is only aloe vera capsule available to date that is made to pharmaceutical grade whilst retaining is naturality. 100% Barbadensis Miller aloe vera is used in production – no additives or filler ingredients are present.

What Can Aloe Vera Do For Me

generically, aloe vera is an absolute must for anyone who is prone to digestive and stomach disorders. Taking aloe vera on a daily basis is proven to ease the discomfort caused by IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), IBD, Crohn’s disease and other food sensitivities. More about Aloe Vera And Digestion

Eczema suffers are encouraged to use aloe vera regularly – aloe vera is great for healing. Burn victims respond to treatment with high grade aloe vera. Sun protection is enhanced greatly with the help of aloe. More about Aloe Vera And Skin Conditions

Aloe vera can also boost immunity – it is not suggested that the common cold can be cured or treated but scientific studies have concluded that aloe vera can reduce the frequency of colds especially during the winter months.

Aloeride In The Media

Publications such as Prima Magazine, Health Matters, Yoga and the Sunday Post have given Aloeride glowing testimonies.

Famed naturopath and medical practitioner, Jan De Vries is a strong advocate of Aloeride and strongly suggests to his patients. 

Buy Aloeride

If you do suffer skin or digestive disorders or in need of a daily health supplement give serious consideration to Aloeride.

Visit Aloeride

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