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UniqueHoodia Review

Consumer Review Of Unique Hoodia

unique-hoodiaA decade ago Hoodia (plant) was thought to be the most important discovery relating to weight loss and ultimately tackling the obesity crisis facing the the western world.

Products were created offering extracts of this plant with exceptional results. US chatshow queen Oprah Winfrey took on the mantle of promoting the benefits of Hoodia, the Hoodia roadshow rode into town on both sides of the Atlantic.

Over the past couple of years the Hoodia industry and its producers appear to be moving away from the original message of pure, undiluted Hoodia, preferring to combine several other ingredients to create hybrid products aimed at not only weight loss but detox and anti ageing.

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Hoodia has suffered as a consequence – so for the record Hoodia is an exception natural herb that can suppress appetite and give you an outstanding chance of achieving your weight loss goal. What it cannot do it reverse the ageing process or detox your system

Stop snacking“Hoodia is the most effective natural appetite suppressant in existence…

It can stop you from snacking, reduce your food portions and significantly reduce your daily calorie consumption”

So with Hoodia market seemingly diversifying – Unique Hoodia, seems to have bucked the current trend and reverted back to basics by using just the one ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii and aiming squarely at the weight loss market.

for anyone new to the concept of diet pills, Hoodia may just be …Hoodia – but the reality is a huge majority of slimming  product suppliers are choosing to use the cheaper option and greatly ineffective Hoodia extract as opposed the raw undiluted powder drawn from the p57 molecule.

What Is Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia has taken its time – but finally it is available to purchase.

It could be said that the easy option would have been to introduce the product at the start of 2008 and then try to acquire the accreditation – but full marks has to be given to the manufactuers (Lativio) for not rushing the arrival until everything was in place to offer what could be the best Hoodia product available that could rival the current best seller, PureSlim’s Pure Hoodia.

Just How Is Unique Hoodia …So Unique

Its not so much the the contents that are unique, but rather the way that Unique Hoodia and the company responsible for production has positioned itself in the diet industry.

hoodia-certificate“Unique Hoodia is CITES Certified, holds a Annex Certificate and  has Proof of Origin.

90% of Hoodia products do not have these documents – Unique Hoodia does!

While a majority of the competition are using Hoodia as one of several ingredients – Unique Hoodia have remembered  the reason why Hoodia was a success in the first place and produced a product to suit.

  • There is 100% pure, genuine and raw Hoodia powder (p57 molecule)  used in production and not the cheaper plant extract.
  • 460mg is present in each vegecap using an oversized capsule – dont be fooled by the marketing that many US based Hoodia brands use and claim 700mg, 1000mg or even 1200mg in each capsule as other less dense ingredients are present.
  • Unique Hoodia has a Certificate of Authenticity (CITES) that the Hoodia used is genuine, as well as Certificate of Analysis (COA) and an Organics Annex Certificate.
  • A 6 month guarantee is place that will ensure that if you have not experienced the expected results you will get your money back.

Is Unique Hoodia Recommended

Any over the counter weight loss product that has bothered to acquire the necessary accreditation should be given due consideration. Plus, any diet product that has held back introduction (for over a year) to ensure absolute consumer interest should be high on anyones wishlist.

Should I Buy Unique Hoodia

If you in a position whereby you need or want to lose weight and an appetite suppressant is your method of choiceUniqueHoodia will offer you an outstanding chance of weight loss success.

Hoodia is an endangered species (hense the required CITES certificate) and so every batch of Hoodia produced has to be replaced. The company behind Unique Hoodia ensures the survival of the Hoodia plant by limiting purchases to any individual.

Currently Unique Hoodia is not available to buy anywhere other than the official Unique Hoodia website to ensure they retain absolute control over the the distribution of the product.

How To Buy Unique Hoodia

unique-hoodia2Without wishing to state the obvious, anyone below 18 years of age cannot purchase – pregnant or nursing mothers should also refrain from using (any) diet products.

A 3 to 6 month timeframe should be given to reach your goal – after 6 months if you are not experiencing expected results it is advised to cease taking Hoodia.

Unique Hoodia is only available to purchase from the official website and orders can be made either online or by telephone.

Visit Unique Hoodia website

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