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Do Chili Peppers Really Burn Fat

Chili Peppers and the connection to the fat burning process

Have you ever heard of the fact that Mexican chili dishes or Indian curry can be excellent fat burners? It may sound strange but research and study on chili has revealed an amazing fact that the green veggie contains some ingredient which can work as natural fat burner.

Researchers from Canada’s Laval University have found that chili peppers contain an ingredient called capsaicin that stands responsible for improving human body’s natural ability for burning fat and at the same time it controls frequent hunger pangs. Let us now see how capsaicin works as a natural fat burning agent.

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Why chili peppers burns fat

When we consume a chili based dish we often feel hot and sweaty and at times get a hot flush on our cheeks.

Biologically the process is called thermogenesis.

In this process our body converts some portion of our food immediately into heat.

A few specific ingredients in certain foods stand responsible for initiating thermogenesis in the human body, capsaicin is one of them.

Chili peppers and slimming effect

It now makes perfect sense that an obese person should take some chili based foods on a regular basis in order to provide an extra boost for their weight loss efforts.

Further research on capsaicin has revealed that with carbohydrate based dishes this ingredient shows better scale or rate of thermogenesis. Therefore having a pasta dish with chili in it is no more a spicy extravaganza, according to modern diet theory.

It is rather a great diet for great slimming effect. Diet-induced thermogenesis process is an effective solution for dieters as this natural and tasty process burns up calories spontaneously rather than accumulating them around waistline as unwanted fats and cellulites.

Research has shown that hotter the chili peppers variety, more amount of capsaicin it contains. It has also been observed that a chili added to a low fat meal is a mouthwatering way to satisfy our cravings for oily and spicy food. It is also a healthy alternative to spicy, fried or oily foods.

Benefits of chili peppers in diet

  • Chili peppers burn fat faster and prevent fat accumulation in the body
  • It activates metabolism, boosts up energy and helps in weight loss
  • It prevents cardiovascular disorders, lowers cholesterol levels and also helps in controlling diabetes

However, there is no point of eating chili based dish unless the dieter is carrying out regular exercise and taking in low-calorie-diet. Excess intake is not good for gastric health. Certainly it is not recommended that people in general should start consuming plenty of chilies for maintaining a slim body. A healthy diet is a natural combination of taste, nutrition, and low-calorie food items.

Some amount of chilies may add some extra taste in it and become healthy alternative for weight loss pills and anti-obesity surgeries. For those who are not used to spicy food but want to add chilies to their diet should start doing so slowly.

It balances the effect of a spicy food but also adds taste to a bland diet which makes it easier for one to stay on a restricted diet and enjoy eating as well.

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