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Do Water Tablets Aid Weight Loss

Water Tablets And Weight Loss

Water Tablets For Water RetentionAt first glance water tablets may seem to be a perfectly natural and relatively side effect free approach to weight loss.

It is when the real function of the water tablet is understood that the true picture reveals itself.

Many dieters complain that water retention is partly responsible for their current weight issue – this is partly true, although getting rid of excessive water does not equate to getting rid of excess body fat.

Any water that is removed from your system will be gained almost immediately once you rehydrate.

What Do Water Tablets Do

The main reason for the existence of the water tablet has little to do with weight loss – they are not primarily aimed at dieters.

water-pillWater tablets are diurectics and their main function is remove sodium from our kidneys – water removal is a byproduct of this process.

Water tablets are often prescribed for medicinal purposes by GP’s – they are prescribed to people suffering from high blood pressure (Hypertention) and also to women with premenstrual fluid retention.

Diuretics should not be taken indefinately, in fact they are only recommended to be takenĀ  periodically and for small amounts of time.

Are Water Tablets Dangerous

Water tablets can cause side effects – as the main focus of the diuretic is to lower or reduce blood pressure, anyone who has a normal or low pressure runs the risks of devoloping excessively low blood pressure.

Are Water Tablets Suitable To be Used For Weight Loss

It is highly advised from buying a commercial or over the counter water tablet no matter how tempting a proposition.

Looking Elsewhere

Slimming tablets are in abundance both via the high street and obtianable from the intenet.

best-weight-loss-pillsAll offer varying degrees of success. Some are produced using natural or herbal substance and some are chemical compounds prone to causing a vast array of side effects.

For a guide to choosing a slimming tablet that is both effective and safe for consumption.

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