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Phentermine From Doctor

Can I Get Phentermine From My Doctor

One of the most asked questions relating to diet tablets, whether it be appetite suppressants, fat burners or fat blockers is “Can I get Phentermine from my doctor or on the NHS”

Phentermine for the uninitiated is a powerful weight loss drug that should not be taken lightly and under no circumstances should it be bought from the internet no matter how tempting.

Phentermine is a chemical, amphetamine based drug classed compound that is not legal to buy without a prescription from a GP or Doctor. having said that the black market (especially via the internet) will always find a way.

buy PhenQ in the high streetPhentermine is over half a century old – it was first created in the late 1950’s. Incredibly it still retains it notoriety of a diet pill that that can help user lose weight quickly. What most people don’t realise is that Phentermine is just an appetite suppressant, it affects the brain and dulls the appetite.

Commercial products nowadays have pretty much overtaken the original Phentermine – PhenQ for example is arguably the example of a product that has taken the concept of Phentermine and propelled it to new heights. PhenQ can not only suppress appetite but also burn body fat, it can also stipe the formation and digestion of new fat from the food that you eat.

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If you are tempted to buy Phentermine from the web just consider the fact that you could be buying something that does not contain Phentermine (counterfeit products) this could be extremely detrimental to your health.

If you manage to buy a legitimate bottle of Phentermine then you could expose yourself to the many potential side effects and adverse reactions associated with the drug that caused its suspension a few years ago.

Phentermine is frequently knows under the brand name Duromine in the UK.

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