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Weight Watchers Online Review

Weight Watchers Online  – Better Than WeightWatchers Meetings?

Weight Watchers Online is the website version of the very successful weekly based meeting program, however you need not attend the meetings – you simply visit online.  It offers recipes, “real” people support and allows you to track your weight loss/gain progress over the course of your membership.

In comparison to the Weight Watchers meetings (that a person may attend), using weight watchers online will only help if the overweight person is committed enough to “attend” the site; in the same way they would have to attend the weight watchers meetings.

“Weight Watchers Online is for the self motivated, busy individual that wants to lose weight quickly and have a multitude of online gadgets at their disposal.” 

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So for example, the Weight Watchers online user would have to commit to visiting the site every week at the same time, and inputting their weight loss/gain details.  If a person commits to the website and uses the site weekly (at the same time each week), then it may help.

There are a lot of people in the first world who will say they are going on a diet.  In-fact, some people make it an annual tradition to go on a diet, start it, only to give up shortly afterwards.  With that in mind, I feel that Weight Watchers online will not work for the biggest part of the overweight population.  On the other hand, if you are a person whom has just noticed that they have put on weight and would like to lose it, then you may benefit from the weight watchers online site.  That is IF you are willing to commit to using the site.

It will also help people who like online projects.  Some people become obsessed (for want of a better word) with input/output sites such as Twitter or Facebook and enjoy the games they have within.  These are the types of people who like an online project (anybody whom has ever played World of Warcraft online).  These types of people may also enjoy weight watchers online enough to make it useful to them.  They may log on frequently to try recipes, give tips and speak to others trying the site.

Weight Watchers Online – Positives

If you can commit to the site, and are willing to log onto weight watchers at least once per week at the same time (Friday evenings at 6:30pm is a good time), then weight watchers online will help you lose weight.

If you like to track your progress graphically (a little like the Wii fit programs do), then this will help you.

It does have healthy tips and recipes, which the meetings also have, but they are accessible 24/7 from the website.

If you would like your diet to be healthier, then the Weight Watchers site is a very good way of altering your eating habits.  You may not lose much weight if you only use it as a recipe book, however you will not have to suffer another night of oven chips because you couldn’t think of something else you might fancy.

Weight Watchers Online – Negatives

It encourages you to log onto Weight Watchers more than once per week, which is all well and good, but very impractical, and will put a lot of people off.

It gives little to no genuine real world motivation to lose weight.  This is a big problem for the larger part of overweight persons.  The website requires a lot of self motivation to achieve any weight loss, whereas the meetings often motivate people to lose weight through their pride/shame techniques.  The way their meetings work (using the pride/shame method) is a sorry one, but very effective.  The website does not have this.  The website is very easy to ignore, and the fact that people are paying for the service still gives very little real-world motivation.

Weight Watchers Online – Conclusion

So by conclusion I feel that there will be a lot of people whom will not benefit from Weight Watchers online, and people whom are overweight should really be careful of websites that offer weight loss solutions; be them exercise plans, weight loss plans, weight loss pills or equipment.

The internet is a very good tool for getting to people with a low self image and poor confidence.  If you feel that you are even slightly in that category, then go to Weight Watchers meetings and DO NOT do it online.  If you are the type of person whom frequently diets, then this is NOT the solution for you, and you also should attend Weight Watchers meetings.

If you are the sort of person whom feels that have put on a little weight, and would like a nice (almost novelty) motivation tool, or if you enjoy an online project, then you SHOULD try Weight Watchers online.  If you are already a self confident person, with a positive self image and just feel that you would like to lose a little weight OR even just start eating healthier, then give Weight Watchers online a try.

If you are this type of person, then you may be put-off losing weight by going to Weight Watchers meetings, because the meetings are more about bringing out a positive self image and self confidence, and you already have those traits.

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