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Acai Berry Green Tea Diet Patch

Acai Berry Diet Patch Review

acaipatchThe acai berry is one of the the best natural antioxidants on the planet.

It is also highly effective for helping you to lose weight by suppressing appetite and increasing the metabolic rate of your body.

Combating the effects of hunger will reduce your daily calorie intake while raising your metabolism will provide an energy boost and burn excess body fat.

Superfoods are big news currently – Acai is considered to be the Number 1 Superfood

Acai Diet Patch With Green Tea

A unique new, fat-fighting formula of Freeze-Dried Açaí Berry & Green Tea extract, the The Antioxidant Açaí Patch gets to work instantly after being easily applied to the skin. Through transdermal nutrient release, the powerful ingredients are gradually absorbed into the skin at a steady pace to allow 24 hours worth of antioxidant power.

Is is of vital importance that Acai is freeze dried upon harvest as soon as possible to lock in the goodness and benefit. As soon as the Acai is picked it starts to die and lose is antioxidant power.

Green tea is superb fat burner that has been used for centuries by many civilization.

Acai and green tea is the perfect combination.

How Does The Acai Patch Work

acai-patchOnce applied to the skin, the ingredients are slowly released into the body. Patches are an ideal alternative to diet tablets for people who have trouble swallowing capsules form supplements.

Apply the pack to either the upper arm, thigh or stomach for maximum results.

Acai Patch Side Effects

Both acai and green tea are free from side effects. Patches in particular are less likely to cause a negative reaction compared to capsule form supplements as the ingredients are not administered all at once.

Where To Buy Acai Patch

buy-acaipatchThe Acai patch can be purchased from Evolution Slimming.

There are several packages available ranging from approximately £20 for a one months supply.

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Acai Berry Review

Pure Acai Berry Review

buy-pure-acai-berry-ukThe internet is becoming increasingly over crowded with Acai supplements each offering their own unique spin on this wonderful little berry.

The sad fact is though a large majority of Acai based products (mostly originating from the United States) are of low quality, un-certified and may contain traces of bacteria.

As soon as the berry is plucked is starts to lose its benefit – it is the speed in which it can be freeze dried that makes all the difference, this locks the goodness in and can last until the encapsulation process takes place.

“Acai Can Aid Weight Loss And Prevent Prematurre Ageing”

A huge majority of Acai branded products include other ingredients such as green tea, magnesium and other fillers – that serves only to dilute the potential of Acai.

Pure Acai Berry is 100% freeze dried Acai without artificial preservatives or other ingredients.

Pure Acai In The Press

pure-acai-berry-certificatePure Acai Berry is a Uk distributed but Brazilian sourced product that all neccessary accreditation. Pure Acai Berry is one of only a handful of products that has CoA certification to underline its authenticity.

The certificate of analysis is the real proof that 100% pure Acai Berry is used in production and nothing else. This certificate is issued prior to entry into the country.  This shows that random samples were tested under HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and also checks for other things like bacteria.

How Do Acai Berries Work

So what does Acai actually do, how can it benefit us?

  • Weight Loss although Acai berries are not primarily focused towards weight loss, they can aid the weight loss process by ridding additional or excess body ot a rate of 1lb to 5lbs per week . Acai contains antioxidants that can help convert excess body fat into fuel needed for energy.
  • Metabolism Increase – this body fuel can provide you with extra energy helping you to become more mobile.
  • Fight Tiredness – additional energy creates a higher state of alertness, improves concentration and can increase stamina levels, while reducing fatigue.
  • Antioxidants – perhaps the most important function of this superfood is its ability to significantly remove levels of harmful toxins from the body that build up over time. Free Radicals are tiny atoms that are all around us – caused largely by pollution. Free Radicals contribute toward ageing prematurely and can also cause disease. Acai can prevent, cease and stop Free Radical damage.
  • Improves Protein Levels –  Acai is a rich source of protein and 19 different amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein, and you get over 8 grams of protein in a 100 gram serving of Acai.
  • Vitamins And Minerals – Vitamins B1, B2, B3 as well as Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc are all packed into this little purple berry.

Where To Buy Pure Acai Berry

pure-acai-berriesAvailable from the official website – orders can be placed either online or via the telephone.

There is a 180 day guarantee in place and the call centre is based in the UK.

Pure Acai Berry is quite possibly the most legitimate Acai product currently available to UK consumers.

Visit Pure Acai Berry website


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Amazon SlimAtox Review

Amazon SlimAtox With Hoodia And Acai

slimatoxAmazon SlimAtox is a special mix of herbal ingredients that originate from the natural world.

Amazon SlimAtox contains Pure Acai Berry, Hoodia Gordonii and Anhydrous Caffeine plus vitamins A, C and D –