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Sleeptox Detox Foot Patch

Sleeptox – Detox While You Sleep

A new and innovative health product to be introduced to the market are Sleeptox foot patches – an easy to apply pad that draws toxins out of the body through the soles of the feet.

The detox foot patches are attached before to going to bed and can help you to detox naturally whilst you sleep.

Although the product is still in its infancy, feedback and customer comments are extremely positive with many satisfied customers reporting that they feel refreshed and energised in the morning after wearing the pads for around a week.

With so many detox and cleansing products in existence Sleeptox offer arguably the most easy to use.

Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches £19.99 For a 5 Day Detox

How Do They Work

There are 10 patches inside each box enough for a 5 day detox – the detox pads have a sticky pad that is applied to the middle part of the foot. The patches attached firmly but comfortably with the minimum of pressure. Socks can be worn over the pads during the night without effecting performance.

The manufacturers of Sleeptox suggest for best possible results the pads should be worn for approximately 8 hours. When the patch is removed you will be amazed to see the once white pad is now a muddy brown colour and emits an smelly odour – what you see on the removed was once resident in your body …yuck!!!

What Is In Sleeptox – Ingredients

Contains wholly natural ingredients including: Wood Vinegar Extract, Bamboo Vinegar Extract, Chitin, Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Vegetable Fiber, Minus Ion Powder, Dextrin.

Sleeptox Footpads Health Benefits

Modern day living can expose us to many pollutants – our diet may also not be as healthy as it should. Toxins can build up inside of us over time slowly poisoning us from within. Products such as Sleeptox are vital at helping to remove these harmful toxins naturally.

  • Very easy to use, just apply, go to sleep and remove in the morning.
  • Inexpensive compared to other detox solutions.
  • Perfectly natural and do not pose any kind of threat from side effects

Where To Buy Sleeptox Foot Patches UK

Sleeptox is available to buy from authorised reseller Evolution Slimming. A 5 day detox is priced at £19.99 with special offers available from time to time.

The current special offer is a 60 day supply with 20 patches FREE.

For more information visit Evolution Slimming



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Buy Lipovox Hardcore Detox UK

Lipovox Hardcore Detox Review UK

After the success of the heavily acclaimed number one weight loss and acne wonder supplement  Lipovox; which was then associated rather loosely by American talk show presenter Oprah Winfrey (Oprah has in all probability never heard of of Lipovox), the makers then agreed it was time to take it up a notch.

They enhanced the original formula by implementing 10 new patented ingredients and went on to develop a more powerful, turbo-charged version and named it Lipovox Hardcore Detox.

What Ingredients Are In Lipovox Hardcore Detox

Lipovox Hardcore Detox contains a plethora of ingredients such as Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Uva Ursi and Phyllium Husk as well as a few of the primary Lipovox components such as Brazilian Acai, Barley and Flaxseed. Additional ingredients residing in Lipovox Hardcore Detox include Advantra-Z 10% and Caffeine.

This combination is supposed to have the same effects on the body as the illegal weight loss pill Ephedra.  For added strength, DMAE, Green Tea extract and Alpha Lipoic acid has been added to the formulation.

How Does Lipovox Hardcore Detox Work

Lipovox Hardcore Detox works by dulling appetite, regulating unbalanced sugar levels, acting as a fat and carb blocker and helps to keep lean muscle.  The detoxifying superfoods are attested to also help to treat acne and be of benefit to skin ailments.

Are There Any Side Effects

It does not list any possible problems on the official website or give any information as to who should not take Lipovox Hardcore Detox. Which is not only dangerous and irresponsible but almost certainly a sign of an unscrupulous company!

Does Lipovox Hardcore Detox Work

With far-fetched claims from ’customers’ saying that they have achieved instant effects and have dropped 5 pounds in 3 days, a very dubious claim and if this were indeed true, losing weight so quickly would be very easy indeed.

The official website does not feature any clinical information or statistics to prove that Lipovox Hardcore Detox works and they are arrogant enough to state they do not need to provide the general public with before and after photos, only brief testimonials which may or may not be sincere.

With no clear-cut evidence, is Lipovox Hardcore Detox really the solution to your weight loss and skin complaints? The jury is out.

Where To Buy Lipovox Hardcore Detox UK

The official website is probably the most obvious although it may be problematic for UK customers. You are unlikely to find it stocked in Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett and the major high street supermarket chains.


Possibly the best substance for detoxing the system and aiding the weight loss process is Acai.

Acai  can also slow down the ageing the process.

Pure Acai Berry is a premium Freeze Dried Acai product that is available to purchase from the UK

More about Pure Acai Berry


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The 7 Day Detox

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Products aimed at detox and cleanse are becoming increasingly popular. The methodolo