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Belviq Over The Counter

Can I Buy Belviq Over The Counter

Obesity has become an ever increasing worry factor for many of us all across the world. But relief is that after thirteen long years, there is finally an obesity pill that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of United States of America.

And this has been achieved by Belviq – the latest addition to the anti-obesity pills market. Belviq, manufactured by Arena Pharmaceutical Company, is a prescription drug for long term weight loss that many doctors treating obesity have been hoping for.

Doctors now will be able to prescribe Belviq to treat patients with excessive weight problems that have Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 27 and who are suffering from one or more obesity causing conditions like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol.

Although this does look like a solution there are two very big caveats. Firstly, its a drug, a chemical compound and so will not be without side effects. Secondly it is a prescription only diet tablet and so will not be available to all – just the morbidly obese.

Additionally, why would you consider over PhenQ for example. A commercially available phentermine alternative that is arguably the best selling non prescription diet pill in many countries. More about PhenQ here

What does Belviq contain

The primary component on which the functioning of Belviq is dependent is a chemical called Lorcaserin. It acts on the brain’s chemical pathway that reduces the craving for food, i.e. it controls the appetite of the patient by activating brain receptors that signal the feeling of satiation or fullness. Belviq influences brain to signal the body to be satisfied with relatively smaller portions of food than usual. Thus if you are taking Belviq you will eat lesser than the amount you eat regularly. This way you can still indulge without ever over-eating.

How Does Belviq Help The Weight Loss Process

Safe to use: Belviq is approved by professionals as well as authorities, i.e. is the doctors as well as the Food and Drug Authorities. FDA approves a drug only after its high quality and safety standards are met. Belviq is the only one to be approved in the last 13 years. Thus Belviq is much safer than the other weight loss drugs.

Proven effectiveness of upto 5% weigh loss: Clinical trials have shown that patients using Belviq have been able to reduce weight that amounted to as much as 5% of their total weight.

Available by prescription and only in prescribed quantity:  Belviq cannot be wrongly taken or over used as it is a prescription drug and will be only available in 12 week pack.

Easy to use: You only need to take a 10gm tablet of Belviq twice daily for best outcome along with a balanced diet and regular exercise which are essentials of a healthy lifestyle.

Side Effects of Belviq

Although it does have its set of side effects, they are not life threatening and in all probability only temporary. Some the side effects that have been seen in non diabetic people while testing are.

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Migrane
  • Back ache
  • Memory Lapse
  • Dry Mouth

Cardio Vascular problems have been major concern in other weight loss pills in general. But there has been no major evidence of cardio vascular side effects of Beviq found during the tests. This will be tested further over the course of time by the manufacturing company after the launch, but they are positive of Belviq being relatively much safer than its counterparts.

How can you buy Belviq in UK

Belviq is not yet available. It is in the final stages of release and should be available via prescription in 2013. It will not be available to buy over the counter in chemists and pharmacies such as Boots.

Diet Tablets Available Without Prescription

You will not necessarily be guaranteed or granted a prescription. In order for a GP or doctor to prescribe diet tablets the patient should have to be extremely overweight or obese. GP’s do not prescribe purely on vanity grounds.

There are however several commercial diet tablets available to buy without prescription that have a good reputation and have proved to be highly effective.

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